About Mile High Clothing Co.


"Our designs are meant to make you feel centered in moments and inspire a lifestyle full of experiences and connections. We want to make your new favorite t-shirt and provide you with sustainable designs that make your adventures better."

- Bryan Patton, founder

Mile High Clothing Co. believes adventure and exploration are key terms in how you live a fulfilled life. What did you learn from the towns you visited? How much is left on your bucket list? What impact did you have on the environment? In our minds, the time spent outside, on the road, and in the places you work is about the quality of fun you have and what impact it has on the future. We want you to create memories in our clothing so everything we make is built to last while maintaining the softness we all love.


Our product is centered around the outdoor enthusiast. Adventure is fun, but we think it’s important to understand the impact of our clothing and activities. To minimize our carbon footprint, and to enrich the lives of all workers involved, we source garments and seek production methods that are more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and require as small a supply chain as possible. Customers will find that we focus on USA made garments. We seek out renewable fibers, recycled content, all natural ingredients, and inclusive content in all that we produce or offer up for sale. 

Colorado is our home base, and we print everything locally in Denver, Colorado, a great places to live, work and play. Even when it was just a territory, our state has been a place for adventurers and people who seek a life that well balanced and fulfilled. Our brand is built around those Colorado ideals, current trends, and the need to become more sustainable as a society.
Sustainability is not just a good retail trend, it is a necessary component for our future. We are designers by trade, which essentially is a career of choices. Every product we make and source is defined by the decisions made in its creation. For every choice that comes up in our design and business practices we consider sustainable values first, then quality and function, and lastly saleability. It's a formula that takes to heart climate change our success as a nation, and the longevity of our brand.